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Class Sessions by Age

Morning sessions run from 9:00am-11:15am
Please make sure that you pick your child up on time. If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, please call the school at (847) 824-7408.

  • 3-day: mornings Monday, Wednesday, Friday for children age 4 (must be appropriate age prior to September 1). Class size is limited to 20 children and meets in Room A.
  • 2-day: mornings tuesday, Thursday for children age 3 (must be appropriate age prior to September 1). Class size is limited to 20 children and meets in Room A.

Our Interest Centers

  • Block Center: variety of sizes of blocks, wheeled toys, people, etc.
  • Dramatic Play Center: fully equipped child sized kitchen, dress up clothes, and other props for role play
  • Language Arts Center: books, puppets, flannel board and story pieces, record player
  • Manipulative Center: small motor, hand eye coordination - puzzles, peg board, Legos, sorter and classifier, and other toys
  • Large Motor Center: riding trikes
  • Discovery Center: magnifying glass, magnets, nature items, etc.
  • Creative Art Center: Easel painting and table supplied with paper, crayons, markers, glue or paste, and modeling clay are offered each day. Each day they are also given an opportunity to explore and investigate with another type of art experience such as finger painting, water colors, marble painting, collages, etc.

Daily Program

  • For the first hour and a half the children have the freedom to choose their own activities.
  • Group Time: We have a short group time at the beginning of free choice time to do a theme related story, finger play, and/or song and to explain what has been changed or added to an interest area for the day.
  • Rug Time: A group time for taking attendance, saying the pledge of allegiance, singing the flag song, and working with the calendar. It's also a time for favorite finger plays, songs, or a group game.
  • Snack Time: We say a table grace before having juice and crackers/cookies. It's a quiet social time at the table.
  • Outdoor Time: When weather and time permit, we take the time to go outdoors together. It may be to the playground, walk around the building, or a walk through the woods.
  • Clean Up Time: Everyone helps to return the room to the way it was when they entered the room so that it is ready for the next class.
  • Group Time: A very short time to talk about the day's events and to sing our good-by song.
  • Chapel Time: A brief time once a month where the children come to the sanctuary with our pastor to hear and sing stories about God. Children are also always welcome to share the faith traditions of their own family. Parents are always invited to chapel time.

Registration Information

All families now enrolled and members of Grace Lutheran Church will have first opportunity to register during January. As of February 1, registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. A $50 fee is required at time of registration.

The following forms are necessary to complete registration. (See links below to download.)

  • Information Form
  • Medical Form: Each child is required to have a complete physical examination and be up- to-date on all immunizations. This form must be returned to school by September 1. The following forms are all on one side of one of the information sheets.
  • Field Trip Permission Form
  • Emergency Medical Form
  • Authorized Driver Form: We will not release children from school to anyone other than a parent unless we have written authorization from the parents. This may be completed after car pools are formed.

>> Discipline Guidelines and Forms

>> Student/Parent Handbook

>> Pre-School Calendar

>> Registration Forms

>> Medical Forms

>> Supply List



A $50 fee is required at registration time. All other tuition fees are monthly.

  • 3-Day Tuition: members-$147 / non-members-$168
  • 2-Day Tuition: members-$90 / non-members-$95

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